God’s answer to the Arrogance of Wealth and Power

Christ is born, Glorify Him!

The humble baby Jesus in the manger, kept warm by the breath of animals, provides an image of weakness and vulnerability, but at the same time defeats the arrogance of King Herod and and haughtiness of all powerful men of the world. The humility of the baby Jesus, who is God Himself, provides an image of encouragement for the humble and weak of the world who find themselves confronted with the haughtiness of the rich and powerful men of the world of all times. God, in the end, has authority over life and death, sickness and suffering and the elements and laws of nature. He showed this authority by His life and miracles on earth and by the power He granted to His disciples of all generations since then. He is the only One who has the ultimate say as to where each one of us will eventually end up.

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