“The Myrrh-Bearers”


In the Greek Orthodox Church, Myrophores represent the myrrh-bearing women that visited Christ’s tomb between His Crucifixion and Resurrection.

During Holy Week, we invite girls ages 8-17 to participate in the burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the different Divine Services.

Reach out to our Church Office to connect with the current Myrophores organizer if you or your child are interested in participating.

Myrophores at the Great Saturday Divine Liturgy, 2017
Myrophores at the Cross on Great Friday, 2018


Palm Sunday – Myrophores participate in the procession around the Church parking lot and line up alongside altar servers

Holy Friday – Older Myrophores participate in the afternoon and evening services, sprinkling myrrh on the Kouvouklion

Holy Saturday – Younger Myrophores celebrate with the morning Divine Liturgy, throwing flower petals throughout the Church