Intro to Orthodoxy

Come learn about the roots of the Orthodox Christian faith

The “Intro to Orthodoxy” Class, meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in the St. Basil Conference Room from early October to the beginning of Great Lent. Please call the church office and register.

This class is not only for those entering the Orthodox Church, but is also beneficial to everyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of the Faith and continue to learn new things.

Topics Covered

  1. Sources of the Christian Faith – Our Roots in the Early Church
  2. History of Christianity – Our Path of Faith from the Apostles to today
  3. Holy Sacraments – Tapping into Divine Grace – the sources of sanctification
  4. Orthodox Spirituality – The Mystical Life – God’s presence in our lives
  5. Holy Icons – Windows into Heaven
  6. Orthodox Worship – The Divine Liturgy


Recommended reading

The Orthodox Church

Kallistos Ware

The Orthodox Church

Katherine Clark

Welcome to the Orthodox Church

Frederica Mathews-Green

Educational videos

Trisagion Films

Videos produced by clergy, parishioners of Holy Transfiguration, and others that focus on the Orthodox faith

History of Orthodoxy

Series by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America on how the Orthodox Church came to be, starting at the beginning

Recorded lectures

Watch lectures from the Intro to Orthodoxy class, presented by Fr. John Brown:

Lectures recorded in January – April 2021