Spiritual Formation Conference

Exploring the Richness of the Christian Faith”

We will hold our fourth Christian Spiritual Formation Conference on September 20-22, 2019.

The School of Christian Spiritual Formation invites faithful and seekers to explore the richness of the Christian faith and become reacquainted with the core tenets of the Faith; in particular, with Jesus Christ, as Lord and teacher, and the apostles and saints who laid down their lives for Him. These conferences also examine Christianity’s role in our lives from the Early Church to the present day. In addition, we have an opportunity to study the mystical aspects of Christianity and discover the presence of God in our lives.

This fourth annual conference, “Ancient and Modern Voices: Salvation, Sanctification & Theosis,” explores what we can learn from John Wesley and the Holy Fathers and Mothers to enrich our spiritual journeys today. We will also examine John Wesley’s interest in ancient (Eastern Orthodox) Christianity and how he used what he learned to further his effectiveness as a pastor. We will also look at  how his theology compares and contrasts with Eastern Orthodox and present day Western Christian practices (both Catholic and Protestant).

Click on the link here to register for the Conference: https://holytransfiguration.info/spiritual-formation-conference/online-payments-for-conference/

You may also call the Church Office at 770-924-8080.

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