Great Lent is around the Corner

This is a time for personal recollection:

Let us flee the Pharisee’s exalted parlance; let us learn the Publican’s humble demeanor, and with sighs unto the Savior cry out and say, To us be gracious, O only forgiving Lord.

Let us fall before the Lord and Master in prayer, and as once the Publican let us present Him our sighing. He desires that all humanity gain salvation. And to all who are repentant He grants forgiveness. He became a man for our sake, though with the Father without beginning as God.

Let us listen to the Scriptures about the son who became prodigal and then returned to his senses, and in faith let us emulate his good repentance. With a humble heart let us cry out to God who observes all that is hidden, “We have sinned against You, tender-loving Father, and we are no longer worthy to be called Your children as before. But inasmuch as You love humanity, receive me, I pray, and treat me as one of Your hired hands.”

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