Great Lent: A time to overcome our Vices and build up our Virtues

The goal of fasting is to help us keep the commandments of God.  It is a form of spiritual training or askesis, which helps us acquire spiritual discipline.  Fasting helps us detach ourselves from the earthly pleasures of the flesh.  It helps us discipline our desires and take control of our passions (vices).  By managing to control what goes into our mouth and stomach we train ourselves to be able to control what comes out of our mouth and heart.  Through the discipline of fasting we may also become able to control our eyes and avoid looking at things which will aggravate further our passions (vices) and unholy desires.  Fasting will also enable us to control our fleshly desires, our anger and jealousy and above all our pride. Fasting will help us develop our virtues and become more like God (in His Attributes). The ultimate goal of this effort is to enter the Kingdom of God!