God’s Many Blessings are Being poured Upon Us

By Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D.

As we enter the new year, we begin to think about new resolutions, new plans for our lives, new hopes for the future. But we should also look back and ponder over our accomplishments, as well as our blessings.

As a parish, we have a lot to be thankful about: We have been blessed with many new families who have been joining our parish because they find here a stronger sense of community and a better family atmosphere. They are finding here Authentic Christianity in its most ancient form and they are delighted.

Our ministries are growing, especially the Young Adult Group, which brings together more than 40 young adults on a regular basis during it’s meetings. But the younger groups are thriving, as well; the HOPE and JOY children have been meeting regularly and have done several activities together. The GOYA group has met throughout the year every Wednesday. They are a good group of kids, which speaks volumes about their parents and families. They love to come together every Wednesday because they are learning about the Faith, socializing and forming bonds that will last for a lifetime.

Several other important things have also happened this year: We have paid off our mortgage for the new buildings! This is something wonderful that we should be very thankful to God about! We are now ready to do the next Strategic Planning Meeting to decide about the future development and growth of our parish for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

We have recently acquired a new set of embroidered Altar Covers in gold color, which makes our church look very beautiful. We are almost now ready (in March) to install a number of new Icons on the walls of our church. We will soon be surrounded by many amazing saints as we pray.

More than anything else, however, I feel that we are growing spiritually. Earlier in the year, we had a series of presentations on spiritual topics during Great Lent, and a very inspiring Lenten Retreat with Presvytera Eugenia Constantinou. These events were attended by almost a hundred people every time. Learning and inspiration has spread through our minds and hearts. In addition, our Spiritual Book Club is offering wisdom and inspiration to many people.

We are now offering many more Vespers, Orthros and Divine Liturgy services, Holy Unction and the other Sacraments to people who are seeking God’s Grace. We are visiting the sick and offering help to those in need. We are experiencing the power of God acting in the lives of our people! God is with us!

Finally, many people (including a great number of children) are coming to receive the Holy Sacrament of Confession and/or asking for spiritual guidance and direction. This is the ultimate way to spiritual growth! Take advantage of it.

As we enter the New Year 2024, I am glad to report to you that this Christian family, the parish of Holy Transfiguration, is alive and well, and ready with open arms to embrace anyone who is willing to be part of it. It takes some effort to join in, and a certain level of commitment, but the rest comes as a gift from God.

With the coming of the new year, I am hoping to see more people tapping into the wealth of the Faith and the Grace of God poured out at Holy Transfiguration. It is my desire (as your priest) to see every person, member of this Parish, gain spiritually from the many Blessings which God is setting before us; it is really in your power to receive God’s Gifts. God is waiting with open arms to receive you, to comfort you, to guide you, to heal you, to Love you. All you need to do is step forward “with the fear of God, with Faith and with Love!” And God will do the rest!

May the 2024th Year of the Lord  be Holy, Joyous and Prosperous! 

In Christ’s Love,

Fr. Panayiotis