On Humility and Repentance


On Humility and Repentance
Humility should not be confused with weakness of mind. It is, rather, the desire to not be arrogant. Humility is exhibited when one lowers himself in order to help the other climb higher. It is the act of helping others improve themselves by accepting them where they are and lifting them up.
Repentance is a process of transforming one’s heart and mind from sinfulness to righteousness. It is a change of path, a change of direction from evil to good. Repentance is an act of humility, where one recognizes his/her faults and vices and tries to correct one’s self.
Christ is the prime example of humility; although He was God He lowered Himself to become like us in all things except sin. Hence, He needed no repentance for He was sinless.


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