Fr. Panayiotis’ Corner

  • Marietta Greek Festival 2014

    The Marietta Greek Festival of 2014 was a big success! We thank everyone who made an effort to help.  
  • Declaration for Greek Independence

    The Consul of Greece in Atlanta Mr. Vasilios Goulousis and the Honorary Consul of Cyprus Mrs. Poly Potter along with Fr. Panayiotis and several members of Holy Transfiguration and the Cathedral of Atlanta attended the signing of the Declaration for…
  • Fr. Panayiotis’ Article on Marriage & Sexuality Published on

    Click here for the link to this article.  
  • New Article on the Patch by Fr. Panayiotis

    Fr. Panayiotis describes how, in the thought of St. John Chrysostom, eros and agape (love) in marriage lead to the perfection of human beings.  
  • The Power of Faith

    The Power of Faith is manifested in the lives of people, especially when they turn to God and trust in Him. I have not seen anyone who has turned to faith in God and who follows the precepts of Jesus…