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Holy Icons

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Publican.jpg (1381682 bytes)
The Publican & The Pharisee
ProdigalSon.jpg (92497 bytes)
The Prodigal Son
pilate.jpg (199170 bytes)
Pilate Rendering His Judgment
LastSupper55.jpg (181868 bytes)
The Last Supper
SundayOrthodoxy.jpg (108463 bytes)
Sunday of Orthodoxy
StGregoryPalamas.jpg (70797 bytes)
St. Gregory Palamas, 14th Century Bishop of Thessalonika
VenerationOfCross.jpg (75357 bytes)
Veneration of the Holy Cross
StJohnClimacus.jpg (115114 bytes)
St. John Climacus, or St. John of the Ladder

Humility.jpg (190327 bytes)
Extreme Humility
Pascha.jpg (210729 bytes)
LifeGivingSpring.jpg (104092 bytes)
Theotokos of the Life-giving Spring
MyrrhBearers.jpg (96945 bytes)
Holy Myrrh-Bearers
Paralytic.jpg (103930 bytes)
Sunday of the Paralytic
HonorThyMother.jpg (93458 bytes)
Mother’s Day
CuringThe Blind.jpg (91511 bytes)
Healing the Blind
Ascension.jpg (94576 bytes)
The Ascension
Pentecost.jpg (113399 bytes)
AllSaints.jpg (112411 bytes)
Sunday of All Saints
OnuphriusAndPeter.jpg (105939 bytes)
Onuphrius and Peter: Champions of Asceticism
NativityOfStJohn.jpg (98052 bytes)
Nativity of St. John the Baptist
Peter&Paul.jpg (144156 bytes)
Peter and Paul
Shepherd.jpg (128018 bytes)
Christ the Good Shepherd
Christ.jpg (141855 bytes)
Elias.jpg (143997 bytes)
The Holy Prophet Elias
StPanteleimon.jpg (130902 bytes)
St. Panteleimon
Transfiguration.jpg (77869 bytes)
The Transfiguration
Matthias.jpg (90075 bytes)
Matthias, the “13th Apostle”
Dormition.jpg (149195 bytes)
Falling Asleep of the Virgin
StTitus.jpg (92697 bytes)
The Apostle Titus

LightoftheWorld.jpg (161869 bytes)
Light of the World

Pride.jpg (93839 bytes)|
Resisting Pride
ElevationOfCross.jpg (120503 bytes)
Elevation of the Cross
Eustathios.jpg (139606 bytes)
KyriakosTheHermit.jpg (74321 bytes)
Kyriakos the Hermit
StPaul.jpg (99593 bytes)
St. Paul
JamesTheLess.jpg (91543 bytes)
The Apostle James
“The Less”
SevenYouthsOfEphesus.jpg (98687 bytes)
Seven Youths of Ephesus
Theotokos.jpg (120959 bytes)
Christ with the Theotokos
TheodoreTheStudite.jpg (144894 bytes)
Theodore the Studite
Justinian.jpg (164732 bytes)
Emperor Justinian
StKatherine&Barbara.jpg (342698 bytes)
St. Katherine & St. Barbara
JohnOfDamascus.jpg (293765 bytes)
St. John of Damascus
StNicholas.jpg (300041 bytes)
St. Nicholas
StLucia.jpg (261925 bytes)
St. Lucia
Nativity.jpg (371958 bytes)
The Nativity
Theotokos2.jpg (473939 bytes)
Christ with the Theotokos
Theofany.jpg (364962 bytes)
StAnthony.jpg (270406 bytes)
St. Anthony
StMaximos.jpg (410614 bytes)
St. Maximos
Xenophon.jpg (400277 bytes)
Xenophon & Family
PresentationOfChrist.jpg (354522 bytes)
Presentation of Christ
StCharalampos.jpg (329967 bytes)
St. Haralambos
Theotokos3.jpg (448483 bytes)
Christ with the Theotokos
Christ2.jpg (315051 bytes)
Theotokos4.jpg (304327 bytes)
Christ with the Theotokos
FortyMartyrs.jpg (376358 bytes)
The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
Christ3.jpg (275917 bytes)
LastSupper.jpg (388167 bytes)
The Last Supper
StGregoryPalamas2.jpg (184481 bytes)
St. Gregory Palamas, 14th Century Bishop of Thessalonika
Crucifixion.jpg (400866 bytes)
MoneyChangers.jpg (500531 bytes)
The Money Changers
Lazarus.jpg (367396 bytes)
Raising of Lazarus
PalmSunday.jpg (355633 bytes)
Palm Sunday
Resurection.jpg (188209 bytes)
The Resurrection
Thomas.jpg (180908 bytes)
“Doubting” Thomas
MyrrhBearingWomen.jpg (193516 bytes)
Myrrh Bearing Women
Paralytic2.jpg (142571 bytes)
The Paralytic
WomanAtTheWell.jpg (226348 bytes)
The Woman at the Well
Ascension2.jpg (146800 bytes)
The Ascension
Christ4.jpg (109136 bytes)
Christ (Father’s Day)

Our Holy Father Theonas, Archbishop of Thessolonica

Annunciation of the Theotokos

Synaxis in honor of the Archangel Gabriel

John Climacus the Righteous, author of The Divine Ladder of Ascent

St. John Climacus (of the ladder)

St. Mary of Egypt

Lazarus Saturday

Jesus Christ Bride Groom – Holy Monday

The Last Supper – Great Thursday

Jason, Apostle of the 70

Burial, Holy Friday

James the Apostle (Iakovos) & brother of St. John the Theologian

The Myrrh Bearing Women, MYROFORES, Holy Saturday

George the Great Martyr & Triumphant

Removal of the Relics of St. Athanasios the Great

Pelagia the Nun-martyr of Tarsus & Anastasia the Roman.jpg

Irene the great Martyr of Thessaloniki

Renewal Friday – Theotokos of the Lifegiving Font, Zoodochos Pygis

Commemoration of the Precious Cross that appeared in the sky over Jerusalem in 351 A.D.

“We venerate Thy most pure image, O Good One…”

One of the striking characteristics of our Holy Orthodox Church is the special devotion given to the sacred images of our Lord, His Blessed Mother and all of the Saints.  They adorn our churches and sanctify our homes.  From our infancy, we are taught to venerate all icons with reverence and respect for the holy ones that they represent.In the 8th century, however, the Church became embroiled in a fierce controversy over whether it was proper to treat icons in such a special way.  Led by the Emperor Leo, the iconoclasts viewed such devotion as “pagan.”  Icons were removed from churches and all public places.  Even when the 7th Ecumenical Council, which was held in Nicea in 787 A.D., declared: “ICONS ARE TO BE VENERATED; GOD ALONE IS TO BE WORSHIPPED,” the controversy continued to rage.  Scores of supporters of the Orthodox position on icons were martyred for their convictions.In 843 A.D., Empress Irene was able to finally end this bitter conflict.  On the First Sunday of Lent that year, the veneration of icons was restored to its rightful place in the life of the Church. It is said that a great procession with holy icons took place in the Church of the Holy Wisdom in Constantinople that day, as thousands celebrated this “Triumph of Orthodoxy.”  It is still customary for Orthodox faithful of all jurisdictions and ethnic backgrounds to joyfully gather in prayer on this day, marking the Church’s victory over the iconoclasts.  — Weekly Bulletin, March 4, 2001