New Testament Greek Class


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Hellenic Studies of Holy Transfiguration

Introduction to New Testament Greek

The Hellenic Studies program of Holy Transfiguration offers a (Biblical) Greek Class for those interested in learning how to read the New Testament in the original Greek.

This is an Introductory Course that will begin with the Greek Alphabet and basic structure of the Hellenistic form of Greek, including basic Grammar – that will enable the student to read and translate the New Testament.

The main textbook for the course will be the New Testament itself. A grammar book and lexicon will also be assigned.

Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church
3431 Trickum Road, Marietta, GA 30066

Tuition for the Academic Year: $600 (members) $625 (non-members)

Classes are offered based on enrollment numbers. Those interested in this course should contact Eleni Clement, Program Director (eleni@mindspring.com).