Orthodox School


Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Academy

An Orthodox Christian Classical School


“Our intention is to provide an outstanding, loving and nurturing educational environment, grounded in the principles of the Ancient Christian Faith, with the goal of leading the students to academic excellence and a virtuous life.” – Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D, Presiding Priest of Holy Transfiguration.

“Virtue is attained by the study and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Education is the communion of holiness.” -Saint John Chrysostom (4th Century)

The Education Development Committee has been working hard with the goal of establishing an Orthodox Christian School that will provide the highest quality of Classical education in a loving and nurturing Christian environment based on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ as they have been handed down to us through the Holy Scriptures and also drawing from the spiritual experience of the Church.

The School will be tuition based and also funded through grants from foundations and other private donors in an effort to keep the tuition affordable.

The school will be open to our parishioners as well as the people of the surrounding community who are looking for a quality Classical Christian education for their children.

The goal is to open the doors of the school in the Fall semester of 2018, at least with Pre-K and Kindergarten. Ultimately, we would like to grow the school up to eighth grade.

As the work of the Education Planning Committee progresses and we have more announcements, we will be developing this webpage further providing everyone with updates.


“Helping children to seek excellence in both academic achievement as well as personal virtue will be at the core of what we are trying to do. This is both an ideal found in the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers as well as in the Christian teaching of the Early Church. We need to strive to raise ourselves above our base instincts and grow in virtue, so that we may become more like God. We were created in His image in order to grow into His likeness (to reach perfection – the state of ‘theosis’-deification).” – Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D.

The new buildings, the beautiful campus, the Olympic Hall (athletic center), the nearby creek and natural forest with the nature trails (south of the campus) and the vegetable garden next to it provide an ideal setting for children’s activities.

Education Building copy

Campus copy

If you are interested in the school, please send us your information so that we may include you in the mailing list and e-mail list.