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Orthodox Websites

The Joy of Fasting Group thanks the following

Members for sharing some of their favorite online resources:

Paul Lundberg, Julie Orologas, Steven Hanes, Fran Tucker

For Orthodox Adults:

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
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Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church


Learn about icons, saints and send free personalized “iconograms” to friends/family:J



Of particular interest (great stuff) are the following areas:

(top right upper hand area has subcategories)

**Acquiring an Orthodox Mindset

**Living an Orthodox Lifestyle


and specifically…



(This site was formerly the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia—and it has many wonderful articles, in an easy to read and integrate format.Very easy to navigate with some unique articles)

Great Lent, Holy Week & Pascha


(This is an excellent portion from “goarch” which provides

details on the Orthodox journey through Great Lent, all of

Holy Week and Pascha)

Mt. Athos Website


(Nice website about Mt Athos)

Even better website of Mt Athos…



(General information on the history of Mt Athos monasteries, with photos.)


Reviews the entire hierarchy of monasteries on Mt Athos (with photos, Scroll down to the bottom of each page, and you will find links to all the monasteries.Simply TONS of historical information and photos!)



Mt Athos pictorial site:      http://puck.wolmail.nl/~kosc/

  • Scroll down the length of several pages and you will see galleries of the following aspects of life on Mt Athos:


-inhabitants (priests, monks, novices, etc…)

-black and white gallery

-color panoramic views





Online writings from St Nectarios:

(wonderful reading material)


NOTE:The Spiritual Book Club will be reading “St Nectarios: A Saint for our Century” in March (the same month we are slated to install the Icon of St Nectarios in our sanctuary.)

Orthodox Gleanings:

(This site features quotes from Holy Fathers & Christian writers.It extols the benefits and virtues of Fasting and other spiritual endeavors)


Glossary of Orthodox Liturgical Terms (helpful to converts):

(Just in case…it’s all “all Greek to you”)


Orthodox Wikipedia:

(This site is not a definitive source for information, however, it often provides some wonderful insight to further your research/inquiry into various aspects of Orthodoxy).


The Adventures of an Orthodox Mother


“Sharing the triumphs & mishaps of raising children within the Orthodox Faith”


For Orthodox Kids: J

Saints Alive!” An adorable website where our kids can
color Icons, work on religious themed puzzles, and
enjoy fun games with Biblical characters. “Rachel”,
an animated guide, explains each area on the website
and also gives verbal directions to accompany the
written ones on the website.  Beautifully done! Precious!

Praxis tips for Orthodox parents on child-rearing within
the confines of our Faith–covers a multitude of concepts.

A fun site for Orthodox children and their parents.

Orthodox Podcasts


  • Search the Scriptures- Presvytera and Dr. Jeannie Constantinou

(Pages 6, 7, and 8 have fascinating pod casts which cover The Lord’s Jewish Trial, The Roman Trial, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection –amazing way to study scripture during Great Lent for busy people on the go)

  • Food for the Journey
  • Faith and Philosophy
  • The Illumined Heart
  • Let us Attend
  • Frederica Here and Now
  • Glory to God
  • Distant Voices
  • Orthodixie
  • Close to Home
  • Simply Orthodox
  • Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Saint of the Day

Saint of the Day covers all Orthodox Saints—both Greeks and those from other nationalities.One parishioner highly recommends this site for daily inspiration.

Orthodox Christian Network (online radio and podcasts):



  • Between Two Worlds
  • Come Receive the Light
  • Theologically Thinking
  • Turning to the Fathers
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth

Orthodox Prayers & Music

This link leads to “Pater Imon…”


–a very slow rendition for those who want to learn
the Pater Imon (Our Father . . . ) in Greek.


Divna Ljubojevic – Blagosloven Jesi Gospode – “Blessed be the Lord”

Orthodox music, in Old Church Slavonic.Very soothing to hear, you

do not need to speak the language to be spiritually touched by the beauty

of this song.

Divna Ljubojevic~Axion Estin ? Kyrie Eleison


Agni Parthene- Monks of Simonopetra, Mt Athos, Greece

This is the complete (original) 7 minute version (all male choir).


In Greek.

Divna Ljubojevic (Orthodox soprano)- Agni Parthene-(in Greek)


This is a shortened version, in the female voice, by a well known Orthodox soprano.When I am extremely stressed, I listen to a few of these songs (anything Divna sings, really) and it always provides the serenity I seek.I hope you find her music inspirational. –Michelle