What is the Greek Orthodox Church


What is the Greek Orthodox Church?

A quick historical and theological presentation

The Greek Orthodox Church traces its roots back to the Apostles, especially St. Paul.

She still uses the original Greek language, in which all the books of the New Testament were first written.

She considers herself as the original Church, the result of the natural development from Judaism to Christianity. Her early members were the Jews of the 1st century (New Testament people) who accepted Jesus as the Christ – who all spoke Greek at the time – who converted the Gentiles (non-Jews) from paganism and established the first Christian communities around the Mediterranean basin.

She holds on to many of the basic early Christian traditions, including the worship services, spirituality and theology, which are rooted in the Early Christian Church.

She considers herself to be the Mother Church, from whom all the other Christian groups subsequently evolved.

She proclaims God as Trinity (three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

She believes that the Son (the Logos (Word)) of God became man in the person of Jesus Christ, He died on the Cross and rose from the dead to perfect humanity in Himself and restore it from the sinful condition to the immortal, perfected state, which God intended for us from the beginning. This final perfected state of humanity is the state of eternal salvation attained through Faith in Jesus Christ.

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