Youth Catechism


We offer Catechism classes to all children, from preschool (those 3 years old before September 1st of the school year) through high school. The goal of our Catechism program is to teach the faith to our children and help them to develop and grow their own personal relationship with God. We have a great staff that is dedicated to the Church and to the kids, constantly learning and growing in their own faith, and sharing that with their students.

This will be our second full year in our new building, using our new and larger classrooms.  We are still in the process of completely outfitting the rooms with TV’s, white boards, bulletin boards, and icons.  But our staff is not in process – they are ready to teach your kids!  All classes meet in the main classroom area, downstairs in our new building.  Youngest grades meet nearer the lobby; older grades are on the end by the exit doors.

We want your children to come to class, so please feel free to bring them even if you have not yet registered them. Regular attendance does require registration, so please ask the teacher or the church office for a registration form. We ask you to complete and return (to the teachers, to the director, or to the office) it as soon as possible.

2017/2018 Teachers

  • PreK – Maria Tingas, Christina Sarmir, Tina Isaac
  • Kindergarten – Mary Miltiades, Lee Nichols
  • 1st/2nd – Jenny Basis, Jennie Miltiades
  • 3rd/4th –Stacey Levantis, Vaios Vlachos
  • 5th/6th – Cedric Dunkerly, Matushka (Presbytera) Patty Brown
  • 7th/8th – Tim Voulopos, Mimi Pohlman, David Lukens
  • 9th – 12th – Tim Tassopoulos, Leslie Hansard
  • Assistant Director – Deb Buchan
  • Director – David Linebaugh

For questions regarding the program, click here to email the Catechism Director, David Linebaugh, or call him at (770) 842-1960.

We look forward to teaching and learning with your children!