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We would be delighted to have you join us in worship and the social gatherings of the Parish.

Please, make sure to come by the office to meet our priests.

You may click here to complete the Online Membership/Stewardship Form for 2024. 

You may also download, print and return a printable Stewardship Form to the church office: Click here for the printable version of the 2024 Membership/Stewardship Form.

DONATE ONLINE: Click Here to make a Stewardship or other donation: Donation Online.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Stewardship & Parish Membership

What is Stewardship? Click here to learn more about Stewardship. 

Your Stewardship Account with Holy Transfiguration & Parish Directory Online:

Once you complete a Stewardship Form for the first time you will have access to your pledge information online through our pledge tracking system, IconCMO. The church office will send you an email with the login information and a link to establish your password.

You will then be able to  check your Holy Transfiguration donation statement at any time. You will also have access to the Parish Directory.

1. Go to internet site of ICONCMO LOGIN SYSTEM

2. Enter Holy Transfiguration’s phone number: 7709248080

3. Enter the login name  provided by the church office and enter your password. (If you do not have these items, contact the church office for this information or if you need a  password reset.)
4. Click on “Show Contributions” to see your donations so far for this year
5. Click on “show graph of giving” and “by fund” to see the amount given to each fund
6. Click on “Email yourself a statement” if you don’t remember the estimates for what you
indicated that you expected to give this year.
7. When done, click on “Logout”.

May God Bless you, always!

Parish Ministry Handbook 2023

Sermon on Philanthropy by Fr. Panayiotis


Presentation on Stewardship by Dr. Larry Gess

Presentation on Stewardship by Tim & Nicholas Tassopoulos